Monday, May 31, 2004

IMBA-UK blog

IMBA-UK: "UNOFFICIAL record of the activities of IMBA-UK, an organisation set up in the UK to represent to interests of mountain bikers. IMBA UK promotes environmentally sound and socially responsible mountainbiking, and works to keep trails and public access open for mountain biking by encouraging responsible riding, supporting volunteer trail work and co-operating with trail user groups, land managers and public bodies."

Monday, May 24, 2004

Oh, it's all gone quiet...

Very busy at work this week, so little web activity, or bike riding. I've a week off next week, and will be commuting by bike after that, including some long rides home, hopefully, so more updates soon. Bike Darlington's other contributer will be returning from holiday soon.

Oh, I may soon be joining the singlespeed clique.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Bush bruised after bicycle bang

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Bush bruised after bicycle bang: "George Bush fell off his mountain bike on Saturday, grazing his chin, upper lip, nose, both knees, and his right hand, a White House spokesman said."

Oops. Snigger.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Singletrack - The Big Thrash

Singletrack - The Big Thrash: "On Friday, May 28th, a group of mountain bikers led by Andy Armstrong will set off from Edinburgh on a journey that will take them through the Scottish Borders, Northumberland and the Yorkshire Dales, finishing in Todmorden on the Yorkshire-Lancashire frontier seven days later. They are doing this for two reasons: to have a fantastic time, and to raise money for Epilepsy Scotland."

Taking the long way home

After getting to the Dolphin Centre faster by bike than by car, I took slightly longer to get home. About 2 1/2 hours, in fact.

I left the town centre along Coniscliffe Road, to the Baydale Beck, where I took a bridleway north to Archdeacon Newton. From there I followed a set of three bridleways to Burtree Gate, followed by a quick spin along the dual carriageway to find the entrance to the bridleway starting near the roundabout (hint: enter the lay-by from the northern end, the other end is chocked with nettles), which I followed to Coatham Lane, before heading south down Patches Lane and then across to the A167. From the A167, I headed to Barmpton Village, via Ketton Farms, and from there home.

Lots more animal life was disturbed, including loads of butterflies who were sunning themselves on the trail (so, sorry for all the hurricanes).

Very roughly, I estimate I covered about 20 miles, in about 2 1/2 hours, mostly off road. All of it was rideable, though there was some very long grass to ride through in places.

During the ride, I saw way markers for three of Darlington's way-marked trails: the Heighton Boot, Salters Circular and Catkill Trail. I'm going to call into a bike shop in town to see if I can get another copy of the leaflet detailing the rides, so I can attempt each of them as intended, then I might attempt a combination of all three.

This ride was brought to you in association with Benadryl Plus+, Taking the Long Way Home and sunny Sunday afternoons. I think I've found my summer homeward-bound commute.

Test results in: Bikes are faster than cars in Darlington

Yesterday afternoon, I rode my bike form home to the Dolphin Centre while my wife drove. We set off at the same time, but I beat her to the entrance of the Dolphin Centre by a minute or so.

Of course, she had to park in the Town Hall car park whilst I could lock up my bike outside the Dolphin Centre. Oh, and she had a baby to sort out. But it was almost faster.

While locking up my bike, I had a chat with one of Darlington's Community Wardens about the chainset, as he has the same bike. I don't think any Clio owners chatted to my wife. Bikes: faster (sometimes), friendlier (always).

Cycle tours of the town

Cycle tours of the town: "12/05/04 - This summer join Darlington Council's Transport Policy Officer Owen Wilson for an easy-going cycle ride along some of Darlington's network of cycle paths and quieter roads."

The first ride was yesterday, so I missed it, but it looks like there are more rides planned.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Inbred 456 in final arduous stages of testing

Top secret photo shows Inbred 456 in final arduous stages of testing

Join in!

What's that? How can you join in with Bike Darlington? Why, it's easy! You can reply to any one of the posts already added by clicking on the comments link. Occasionally I may post a question seeking replies in answer, but feel free to comment on any post, even if it's just to say hello and to let me know you're reading Bike Darlington.

Additionally, I'm looking to add some other bloggers to the site, so if you live in Darlington, ride a bike, use the net a lot and want to get involved, reply to this post and I may add you.

Weird cycle lanes of Brighton

Weird cycle lanes of Brighton: "This website grew out of an article in the Guardian long long ago claiming that some cyclelane up north was the shortest in Britain. What! I thought, we have many many much shorter lanes!!"

Singletrack - Get Your Boss to Save You Money on a Bike

Singletrack - Get Your Boss to Save You Money on a Bike: "Want to know more about the Government's tax-free scheme for getting your employer to buy you a bike?"

Monday, May 10, 2004

Darlington Cycle Forum

There was a meeting of the Darlington Cycle Forum on 10th February, minutes are available online.

According to the same webpage, another meeting was held on 27th April, but no minutes are available online as yet.

I wasn't at the meetings, but I'm going to email the address given to find out how to get involved.

A quick ride

Just got back from a quick local ride. Just up the bridleway from Barmpton Village, then along to Peartree Farm and down the farm track/road to the A167, but I was out for about an hour.

This is one of the reasons why Darlington is good for cycling; you can be out in the countryside and away from roads very quickly. I put up two pheasants, was examined by some curious cows and rode through a field of sheep. All just 15 minutes from my front door.

Of course, there are loads of reasons why Darlington is bad for cycling - the busy roads, clingy clay, poor drainage and lack of good trails - but today, with a blue sky and slight breeze, it was good.

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