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Head Case

Do you like your helmet? If so I'd like to know about it! I'm thinking about buying a brain bucket but what to buy and what are the pros and cons?

Since I'm skint it'll have to be quite cheap so my budget is something like a miserly £35 :-(

I've heard that the best advice is to actually try out models in one of those ye olde shoppe things, so I'll probably do that if I can make a shortlist of models beforehand. I've heard that a badly-fitting helmet can do more damage in an accident than not wearing one at all so this seems excellent advice.

Apparently Specialised head cases are better for folks with narrower heads and Giros are better for folks with round ones. I'll be looking for a Giro then :-)

Helmets I've seen that I liked were: Specialized 03 Enduro Pro and Giro Animas.

What helmet would you recommend or what should I know about or avoid?
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