Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Midsummer Cycle Ride

Part of the Darlington Cycle Festival, the Midsummer Cycle Ride takes place next Wednesday, 16th June, starting at 7pm at the Dolphin Centre and taking around two and a half hours. It is a gentle midsummer's evening cycle ride through some of the borough's most attractive countryside, according to the Darlington Cycling Festival programme.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a website for the festival, the news section of the council website is lacking in information, and I can't find any more information online via Google, so that's all the information I can give.

I'm planning on going along; any other takers?


Andrew Urquhart said...

"through some of the borough's most attractive countryside" - blimey I'll have to go just to see where this scenery is!

Wonder if a helmet is compulsory as I might not have mine by then?

Just had a look through the TownCrier mag but it's not mentioned, maybe it'll be in this months copy.

Mike said...

The newest Town Crier has a three page article about cycling, which includes a few details about Bike 'Week' events; though it has no more details than that already available. It doesn't mention helmets at all, IIRC.

Andrew Urquhart said...

Yep, the new copy arrived today and there are a couple of more things in it that are worth mentioning so I'll mark them up as new posts.

Andrew Urquhart said...

Grr, it's forecast to be sunny all week, except Wednesday when it's meant to rain: BBC weather forecast for Darlington

Mike said...

Looks like that's changed now, so it should be sunny tomorrow. SUnset is only 15 minutes after the ride's due to finish though, so lights may be needed.

Andrew Urquhart said...

I'll take my red LEDs but I'm not lugging around a lead-acid battery and lamps!