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Singlespeed conversion

My old Kona was looking sad and unused, in the garage gathering dust ad cobwebs, so I took a few parts off it. It's not a proper singlespeed conversion, but it forces me to ride it one-geared; and, a full conversion can be completed eventually.

Kona Hahanna conversion to singlespeed - starting point

The starting point. Rigid Konas just look good. Unfortunately, this one has a flat front tyre and the gearing is rather worn.

Kona Hahanna conversion to singlespeed - the bits taken off

A box o' bits!

Kona Hahanna conversion to singlespeed - no gears side view

The bike with all the extraneous parts removed. I got rid of the bottle cage, pump mount and crud guard as well, but they may return at some point. It still looks like a geared bike for the moment, but I have no cash to spend on bits to properly singlespeed it.

Kona Hahanna conversion to singlespeed - chainset view - no front mech

The chainset with no front mech. An advantage of keeping the rear mech and the chainset is that I can manually change between three gears, for road use, or big hills. Eventually, the three rings will be reduced to just one.

Kona Hahanna conversion to singlespeed - rear wheel - still a mech and cassette, but no gear cable

I'm using the rear mech to tension the chain, and still have the seven sprocket cassette. A single sprocket will be added at some point. The mech is aligned with the cog using the high and low adjuster screws.

Kona Hahanna conversion to singlespeed - front view - simplified handlebars

It might not be a proper singlespeed yet, but it looks like one from the front.

One of the pedals creaks a lot, so I'm going to have to share a pair of flats between my two bikes, and it now has a rear puncture, but it was fun to ride on it's first outing.

34:19, by the way.
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