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New bike!

I just bought myself a new bike!

It's a fully built-up geared On-One Inbred (photo). All Shimano Deore and On-one/Planet-X components. Quite a bargain, too, as they're selling off a load from a cancelled order; £525, reduced from £899!

Photos (garden and muddy) when it arrives...

Update: According to the On-One website, they're in stock tomorrow, not Friday as Brant originally thought, so my new bike could arrive even earlier than I expected. I'm currently making important decisions, like whether to use cable ties or electrical tape to tidy up the cable outers along the top tube, and which colour ties or tape to go for.

Oh, can anyone tell if it's presta or schraeder valves in the picture? I need lots of spare tubes - I got two flats on one short ride the other day.

Update 2: I got worried yesterday when Brant from On-One phoned, but it was just because they thought my credit card details had been lost when their secure server died. They recovered them.

The bikes are due at On-One's Doncaster (DN6) warehouse this morning and will be getting dispatched this afternoon. I could have my bike tomorrow (depending on whether anyone's in and what the courier does if no one's in)!
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