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Look at that pansy Luke. If he can ride to work in the middle of winter, what excuse will I have not to ride come June when it's pleasant out?

Speaking of riding to work, I saw the Surly Crosscheck from the Fixed Gear Gallery riding Duke Street this morning, as I walked up it on my way to work. My plan is to ride to work after the February half term holiday (I get the bus at the moment, so I'm not to blame for the queues of traffic in Darlington). I'd start straight away, but the bus is dry and warm, gets me in on time, and I can read a book on the way in and out of work. My main reason for starting to ride is to make my journey into work a fixed length of time; at the moment, if I leave home 5 minutes late, I'm 20 minutes later getting to work. The bike should get me to work in the same time regardless of when I set off. (Plus, once the nights get a bit lighter, I get to go the long way home...)
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