Saturday, February 26, 2005

Darlington Cycling Campaign

Next meeting at 7pm, Tuesday March 1st, Red Lion (upstairs room), Priestgate, Darlington. All Welcome.

Who's coming?


Andrew Urquhart said...

I'm not sure I'll be along for this moot - I start coding for a new project on Monday for 2-3 weeks. As I work from the afternoon until the small hours the meeting will clash. If there's a severe bought of arm twisting though I may be able to get my derrière over there.

richardgrassick said...

Well andy, why not regard the meeting as a break from the hard slog of life? Come along on Tuesday and I'll even buy you a pint (honest)!

richardgrassick said...

And here is a proposed Agenda:

1. Apologoes for absence

2. Minutes of meeting held on January 18th (see below)

3. Matters Arising

4. Report on Schools Campaign meeting (Tim Stahl and Richard Grassick with Louise Neale Feb2nd)

5. Town on the Move travel summit 15th March

6. Membership - do we want a membership structure with subs etc?

7. Web Site

8. Other items from meeting

9. AOB and date of next meeting

The Town on the Move thing can be found at

Mike said...

Did you see the Sustrans link on the Singletrack forum post I linked to about the bike sheds?

"Vicki Hill is the Bike It Schools Officer for York, Bingley and Darlington. Based at the Sustrans office in York she is busy working with local authorities, the bike industry and some super teachers and pupils, promoting cycling in the following schools:" ... "St Teresa's RC Primary School, Dodmire Junior, Heathfield"

She might be worth contacting.

(And I owe Andy a pint from last time, so there's two free beers waiting for him if he wants them...)

Mike said...

"All three Darlington Bike-It schools are looking forward to being the Stars of the Show in March when they will meet 'A Company of Cyclists' in the town centre and help to launch Darlington's forthcoming "Town on the Move" week. The children have been especially invited to take part in the show and try out whacky bikes and try stunts with the experts."