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Email to a councillor

To: Nick Wallis
Date: 27 February

As Darlington Council's Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, I'm very interested to know about your own use of cars, car sharing, buses, bicycles and walking during your Council work, and day-to-day. I'd also be interested in the use of various forms of transpot by other Darlington Councillors.

I am part of the recently-founded Darlington Cycle Campaign, and would like to post your reply on my website, http://bikedarlington.blogspot.com, which is currently being used as an interim website for the group.

Our next public meeting is on Tuesday 1st March and I'd very much like to share your response with the group at that time, though I realise this is short notice for a reply.

I'll post Nick's reply if I receive one.
35 36 37 38