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Darlington Cycling Campaign May Meeting Minutes

Here is a short resume of the Cycle Campaign meeting held on 18th May:

The Smithfield Rd.-Parkside Cycle Path closure, as well as a list of other matters arising from our previous meeting, was raised at the Cycle Forum. Members expressed concern that the police representative at the forum was the most consistent opponent of any pro-cycling proposals. This, it was felt, severely restricted the forum’s ability to articulate a cyclists’ perspective – and explains the need for a strong voice from the Cycling Campaign. It was agreed to approach the council’s Cycling Officer to get a clearer explanantion of the role of the Police Rep on the Cycling Forum

Richard reported that information had come in about an online advocacy group, BUMP, in Worcester (www.bump.org.uk). Mike agreed to trawl the internet for any further clues as to groups in Peterborough/ Worcester. Richard to contact BUMP.

from cycle forum meeting: The forum claimed that bike racks were installed at Darlington Memorial, but members have still to find them. Tim to enquire what is really going on with hospital estates manager Kevin Oxley. Anthony added that racks are also needed at the Crematorium. Members will raise this at next forum.

The group agreed to organise rides on the second Sunday of each summer month meeting at 2pm in the Market Place, starting 12th June. On this date, Anthony Millet will organise/lead rides along the cycle routes in the south east of the town, South Park, Eastbourne etc. On July 10th, Richard Grassick will organise/lead rides along the cycle routes in the west of the town, hospital, West Cemetery etc, ending with a visit to the Pumping Station (Tim Stahl to host!). Rides in August and September to be finalised at next meeting.

The meeting expressed concern at the dwindling numbers of people attending meetings. It was agreed Richard would write to people on the mailing list asking them to say why they can’t/won’t attend. Are meetings so important? Do we put the stress on other aspects of the group? Richard will seek answers.

The next meeting will be held on 19th July at 7pm, in the upstairs room of the Red Lion, Priestgate.

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