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Darlington Cycling Campaign Minutes of April Meeting


Darlington Cycling Campaign Group

Minutes of Meeting 20th of April 2005 at Red Lion, Priestgate

In Attendance:

Sally Forth (Treasurer)

Richard Grassick (chair)

Peter Lumley

Anthony Millett

Bill Morrison

Tim Stahl

Beatrix Wupperman (secretary)

1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes 1st March 2005 and Matters arising

3. Travel Summit March 2005 (Anthony, Beatrix, Ruth, Tim)

4. „Bike to School week“ (Anthony, Peter, Richard, Ruth, Tim)

5. Cycle Forum 26th April 2005

6. Report by the Treasureress Sally

7. Elections: Secretary

8. Any other business

  1. Next meeting

  1. Apologies for absence

Colin Lowe, Peter Roberts

2. Minutes of meeting held on
March 1st 2005 and matters arising

The attending members agreed the minutes.

Matters Arising

The Smithfield Rd.-Parkside Cycle Path will be closed. The group had a letter from the Council confirming this. Here a cycle path will be blocked with the argument of anti-social behaviour of kids living nearby. The Group opposed the decision, but could only delay the procedure. We shall protest on the Cycle Forum at the 26th of April 2005. Questions connected: How many footpaths or roads have been closed because of anti-social behaviour? Which are the alternatives for cyclists now? How do the councillors (Williams and Wallis) explain their decision? Which role does the police play here? Should they not protect the majority of reasonable cyclists against anti-social behaviour from all sides?

3. Town on the Move travel summit 15th and 16th of March 2005

Anthony Millet, Ruth Gill, Tim Stahl and Beatrix Wupperman attended the Summit. Anthony, Tim and Beatrix reported. All of them were impressed by Werner Brög from Socialdata, München. Brög had pointed out that the support of cycling is the major strategic starting point to support sustainable transport in Darlington. Tim was especially impressed by Brög’s obvious praise for Darlington and its inhabitants.

Beatrix reported that Brög has offered to support the Group if it wants to host a cycling congress in Darlo, maybe inviting similar Cyclicng Campaign groups from the other “towns on the move”: Peterborough and Worcester. Beatrix and Richard will try to find out about cycling campaign groups in P. and W.. (At the Cycle Forum Greg McDougall (Town on the move officer) offered to help in this matter).

Another suggestion was to install a 20-miles-per-hour-zone round and in the centre of Darlo. Werner Brög reported that lethal accidents of kids in Graz (Austria) were reduced to zero after Graz introduced 30-kmh-zone in its centre.

Beatrix and Tim also mentioned the impressive speech and picture show of Ryland Jones from Sustrans. He offered to repeat this at a group meeting as well.

4. “Bike to school week”

Richard and Tim reported that they heard nothing from the organiser so they were not able to attend or help (“Bike to school week” (18th to 22nd of April)).

Anthony Millett, Peter Roberts, Richard Grassick, Ruth Gill and Tim Stahl had put themselves on the list, which was be forwarded by Beatrix to the organizing officer Louise Neale.


5. Cycle Forum 26th of April 2005

Richard pointed out that this is an open meeting, so everybody can attend. Anthony, Beatrix and Richard are definitely going to. They are asked to mention:

- Advanced stop at North Road (B&Q), North RoadWhessoe Road, no green light filter (how to report broken lights)

- Bike racks at hospital still missing (not enough)

- crossing Haughton/McMullen Road, no crossing possible from cyclepaths

- Cemetery Lane: no traffic lights at the end of it, over Carmel Rd. but further down instead on a narrow pavement, causing turning bike problems for pedestrians

- Building works around the station: no cycle paths though a lot of space, building work at Parkgate on a “Planned-off-road-cycle-route”.

- Smithfield Rd.: Closing of cycle path

Next date of Cycle Forum: 26th July 2005, 18.00, Townhall with bikes

6. Report by the Treasurer

The last meeting had agreed an annual membership fee of £ 5. The Treasurer already got various cheques but could not yet open an account due to signature of the founding members under the constitution. This will happen soon. The treasurer asked the members to send their subscription fee. Cheques should be made payable to: Darlington Cycling Campaign, as the account will have that name, and sent to Sally Forth, 77 Stanhope Road, Flat 3, Darlington DL3 7SF.

7. Elections: Secretary

Beatrix pointed out again, that she is leaving Darlington at the beginning of May, though will be returning regularly, hopefully for occasional meetings. So far nobody stood for the position, but it has to be sorted in the next meeting.

10. Any other business

The group agreed to organize summer cycle rides in order to critically explore and plan a cycle route network for cyclists. The rides will be done to record the group’s views about specific routes, how cyclists are treated in specific locations on these routes, and to add our reccomendations for improving them. Dates to be agreed at next meeting. (Peter Lumley from Darlington Free Wheelers also attended and was very happy to collaborate).

If members want to complain to the council about cycling, cycle path etc. conditions, they can do this by calling 01325 388 777

9. Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be at Wed, 18th of May, 7 p.m. at the Red Lion, Priestgate, upstairs room.

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