Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Act Now to Open Up New Rights for Off-Road Cycling!

"In 1968 CTC, the national cyclists’ organisation, successfully lobbied to allow off-road cyclists to make use of bridleways, which opened up hundreds of new trails across the UK.

On October 11th MPs will vote on the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill, whose rights of way clauses could provide welcome protection for trails and the countryside from the damage caused by motorised vehicles. With a suitable amendment, the Bill could also help clarify cyclists’ ability to claim rights of way, in the same way that walkers and horse-riders can at present.

CTC is lobbying MPs to ensure that cyclists can claim ‘restricted byway’ rights. This would enable new trails to be opened for off-road cycling, because where there is enough evidence of past cycle use, we will gain a permanent right to use the trail!

This could provide our first new opportunity to claim off-road rights for cyclists in almost 40 years."

Act Now to Open Up New Rights for Off-Road Cycling!

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