Friday, September 16, 2005

In time for the dark nights

A poster at Singletrack World is saying the law on bike lights has been changed to allow lights that "flash at least once and not more than four times per second with a brilliance of at least four candle-power". Read the post in full for more info.


Anonymous said...

About time too! LED lghts are much smaller and easier to put in your pocket when you park up and are normally more noticable on the road anyway. Many cyclists are use flashing led lights already. They are lighter too.

marie (halfords) said...

how many lights do you have on?? how illuminated is your bike at night?

on my winter bike that i use for commuting ive got up front
1 set of cateye abs 25 lights, 2 photon backup led's in white (wrapped round my forks at 90 degrees, so traffic from side streets can see me) and a topeak white light in flashing mode....

the bike is covered with random bits of scotchlite tape......

on the back ive got 3 led's all in various flashing modes.

and on my rucksak ive got a neon 'rope' light that flashes green

i feel fairly safe with all this on, but its early nights yet, and its not dark in the mornings yet either, its the crazy school run i have issues with, im going to record a run to work with the helmetcam on, and post it somewhere, so people can see how badly others drive.....

thats all from me, thanks for listening, i found this site via mike and his contributions to hamsterley trailblazers forum.

Mike said...

Hi Marie, thanks for the comment.

I just bought a flouro/scotchlite vest for those "not dark enough to put the lights on, but drivers are pretty blind" mornings.

On my commuter bike, I've a Smart 25W twin bean light on the front and a red LED on the rear (constant mode). I have a flashing red LED on my pannier or bag. If I was able to store my bike inside at work, I'd have more lights on, but it's outside so everything needs to be easily removed.

I'm going to stick a load os Scotchlite over the sides of the frame soon, I think. Do Halfords sell it?