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Darlington Cyclocross - Results

Results are up, and I came 46th out of 50 finishers, with 6 who Did Not Finish. I did the same number of laps as last year. The winners only did 8 laps this year, compared to 9 last year; I got 6 both years, so that may be an improvement. I just missed out on getting a seventh lap in, after being overtaken by the winners on their final lap.

It was a great race, with an excellent course, and seemed really well organised, though I’ve not really anything to compare it against. I’ll be back next year: middle third on the table…

At the end, someone asked me if I was Mike, and if I beat last year's position. Don't know if it was someone who reads this, or someone from a forum.

I think I spotted Anthony spectating.
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