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Minutes of the Darlington Cycling Campaign Meeting 13th September, 2005

Present: Richard Grassick, Mike McTimoney, Tim Stahl, Ruth Gill
Apologies: Anthony Millet, Owen Wilson, Martin Wood

1. Minutes of previous Meeting

Smithfield Road closure
Anthony has been in contact with Ramblers’ Association.

Previous ride
30mph sign in inconvenient location on Newton Lane.

How do we approach cyling on the pavement?
What about parking on the cycle lane on Conniscliffe Road? We think a better location for the lane would be on the verge on the opposite side of the road, so would we support a complaint about cars parking on the existing cycle lane?

Bank account
Response from bank that various parts of forms were not filled in correctly but seems to be a problem with the bank rather than us (other than one signature). 3 weeks ago was returned to Co-Op bank, but heard nothing since.

Nobody has seen anything on display in library.

Presentation of German fact-finding trip will be at next Cycle Forum meeting, November 22nd.

Second Local Transport Plan
It was agreed to have a separate meeting to discuss our collective response to this document, before the end of the year.

Cycling Strategy
Council needs to tackle difficult parts, not just easy answers.
How do we respond as a Cycle Campaign? Could we split “Proposals” chapter into individual proposals and place online for people to add individual comments, to give opportunity for representation to people who cannot attend the specific meeting to discuss the proposals? Mike to do this.

2. Grants
Don’t apply for grants. Concentrate instead on recruiting members. Leaflets for handing to cyclists, putting on bikes, etc. Use Cornmill business card machine for this?

3. Cycle Strategy Response
More and better parking needed. Richard to integrate Anthony’s suggestions into current response to send to Oli Lougheed tonight!

4. Next Meeting
Tuesday 8th November, 7:30pm
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