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Raging Bike

Raging Bike is run by a small group of people who got tired of being treated like second class citizens by motorists, when travelling to work by bike.

As tax payers we believe roads belong to us and we have as much right to ride on them at 10 mph as a car has to drive on them at 30 mph.

None of us are super fit cyclists. We just use our bikes to commute quickly, cheaply and conveniently.

50 years ago nearly 40% of UK road traffic was made up of bicycles. In the UK, cycling is still the fastest and cleanest means of transport for urban trips under 6 miles.

As our cities and towns are heading for grid-lock, and car emission levels rise, causing global warming, and exacerbating childhood allergies & asthma, the need for a private vehicle to replace the car is required.

Reverting to the bike is a simple solution to a big problem.

In continental Europe where the weather and terrain is often similar or more inclement than ours, cycling as a means of urban transport is streets ahead of the UK.

As well as running this website we help employers increase the number of employees that use sustainable methods of transport to get to work.

We hope the site will harness some of your opinions on urban motorists and the damage they cause.

We hope it will also highlight the benefits that cyclists make to themselves, their communities and to the environment.

This looks like an interesting site, though concentrating on 'incidents' is fairly negative. There are some interesting links on their research page, including lots of stats about the impact of cycling infrastructure.
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