Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Local Motion Club

I received my Local Motion Club card today, after registering a couple of weeks ago at the Do the Local Motion website, where you can register and log travel, find information and more.

It's a pity they've not been a bit more forward thinking with the website, using a blog to give more of a two-way dialogue. One idea I had for the campaign website, was for regular cyclists to keep an online diary of their experiences. Team Local Motion, let me know if you want a hand/advice with this.

A nice glossy leaftlet, containing interesting facts, accompanies the membership card (which entitles holders to discounts in some local businesses). I recognise at least one face from school, and a couple of the bikes (I'm a bike geek). Can someone tell the gentleman with the orange bike on page 6 that he'll have his bike pinched if he only locks it up by the front wheel like that?

The disappointing thing for me is the lack of mention of a car club in the leaflet. In a car club, members pay a small monthly fee and can, in return, rent cars for short times and at short notice at a very reasonable rate. This was mentioned in earlier publicity, and I signed up for more information. If there was a local car club, we'd probably be able to sell our little-used car, since we only really need it for occasional relative visits and holidays and it sits outside our house being expensive the rest of the time.

Anyway, join up and Do The Local Motion!

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Mike said...

According to Oli (Darlo Cycling Officer (proper job title?)) the car club is coming! They've met with the guy who will hopefully run it and hope to have a 2 car club running soon.

Sounds great; we can sell our car!