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Women’s Ride West

I've been asked by Louise from DBC to publicise their women's bike ride this Sunday:

On Sunday we are holding our second Women Only Cycle Ride. The ride starts at 10.00am outside the dolphin centre and is led by women for women. The ride is scheduled to last two hours and is suitable for all riders. The aim of the ride is to get women out and about on their bikes and hopefully give those women that don't have the confidence to go on their own to get out and about with a group of like minded women. We hope to get a good turn out of women on Sunday morning and have an enjoyable ride out of town in a Westerly direction. Radio 4 has expressed an interest in the event and more generally in what is going on here in Darlington and they will be attending on Sunday to do some informal interviews with members of the ride.

More details below:

Women’s Ride West

Sunday 18th June 2006
Meet outside Dolphin Centre - 10.00am
Entry free

A ride for women, led by women. All ages and abilities welcome.

For more information contact Greg McDougall on 01325 388721 / greg.mcdougall@darlington.gov.uk

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