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Main Roads for Cyclists!!

I say Chaps, things have to change! The main roads, the radial routes have to be sorted out for cyclists so people going to work or to school can use them safely!! Yarm Road, North Road, Woodland Road, Coniscliffe Road, Grange Road they have to get cycle paths or clear red cycle tracks on the road and no "give way" signs at junctions.

There should be a clear signal to car drivers from the council that they are not mother's only baby any more. There are pedestrians and cyclists and public transport, and they should have as many rights on the streets as car drivers. Or even more because they don't pollute the world as much as indivual transport - a bus can replace more than 30 cars! So just imagine Woodland Road with buses, full cycles paths and happy pedestrians!

But it does not work if the council and the highways department does not wake up to the needs of the majority of the traffic (which is not car drivers, poor things).

But how do we wake them up? Is there a helpful councillor with visions and ideas and courage? Send your ideas to your councillor and this blog!! Tell your councillor about our blog!!
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