Monday, October 23, 2006

912 Miles Per Gallon?

There are approximately 31,000 calories in a gallon of gas, the fuel that most cars run on. Riding a bicycle on a flat road at about 15mph burns .049 calories per pound per minute. 912mpg is what a 175-pound person would burn on a 30-pound bicycle.

- 912 MPG


richardgrassick said...

For our international guests, assuming that US gallons were used here (and the word "gas" suggests it), this translates to just over 0.25 litres per 100 kilometres. A US gallon is 0.83 of an imperial gallon, so the UK figure is well over 1,000 mpg!

Mike said...

I hadn't thought about the fact that a US gallon isn't the same as a UK gallon.

I was born after decimalisation :)

The fuel consumption of modern cars is appaling. 30MPG is deemed good, even though a Ford Model T could achieve that. And the Model T could run on ethanol as well as petrol, so it was more eco-friendly than most modern cars. With a top speed of 20MPH it was probably a lot safer too!