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Is cycling allowed in Darlington Pedestrian Heart?

Below is an email I have just sent to various people at the Council:

At about 5 o'clock today I was prevented from entering the Pedestrian
Heart at the blooard where Duke Street meets Skinnergate by a Community Support Officer. I was told that cyclng was not allowed in the pedestrian area and that I should walk my bike, or ride another way. When I questioned this, stating that there was a trial six month period during which cycling was allowed I was told that the council issued instructions that £30 tickets were given to anyone cycling in the pedestrian area, but that the officer would rather just ask people to dismount.

Could you confirm whether cycling is allowed in the pedestrianised town centre? If it is, perhaps the police need informing of this fact?

I have ridden through the pedestrian zone seven times this week without being stopped.

Update (11:58 20/10/2006)

I have just recieved the following reply from the council (my emphasis):

Cyclists have to obey whatever road traffic signs are in place. I have
double checked with traffic management and currently access from Duke Street
to Skinnergate is limited for motor vehicles during the day. However
cyclists can access Skinnergate from Duke Street at all times.

Proposed changes to the town centre, providing greater access for cyclists,
are now with the Department for Transport for approval. They have raised
some issues, which Traffic Management colleagues have responded to this
week. Until new infrastructure and signs are in place, please continue to
cycle in line with existing signs and traffic orders.

This email was also sent to everyone I had emailed.

So, it seems that I was incorrectly stopped yesterday, since I was accessing Skinnergate from Duke Street. I have printed the email and will carry it with me on my way home tonight. I hope I am stopped.

I will be replying to the email requesting that all police and SCOs are made aware of the rules regarding cycling in the town centre.
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