Monday, November 06, 2006

The future for Darlington?

Documentary about the use of bicycles in cities such as Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam and Houten (Netherlands), and Bogotá (Colombia).

I've only watched the first few minutes so far, but this looks like a great vision for the future of transport in Darlington.

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richardgrassick said...

Spot on again, Mike. A great vision for Darlington, and worth noting why the cyclists in the video are so positive about about cycling. Comments like "it's so easy", "it's so nice", "I feel really healthy" in the Amsterdam section confirm what we all know - the culture of urban cycling over there is about enjoyment, convenience, and health.

As long as cycling here means a street fight with the killer car, such sentiments remain a remote dream. Darlo Cycling Demo Town - PLEASE keep this crucial vision of where we need to be going firmly in mind. It is a key yardstick against which to assess every new cycling initiative.

Well found, Mike.