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I feel like a proper cyclist now

In all the years I've been cycling and the two years I've been commuting every day, I've never had abuse shouted at me by 'White Van Man'. I have now.

Coming down Yarm Road past the station, I took the correct line past the two traffic islands - there's not enough room to safely pass, so I moved to around 4 feet from the kerb. I heard an engine behind me as a vehicle slowed down before the first island and it stayed behind me through the second island.

Given how close it was I was surprised when it didn't overtake me straight away, instead it came alongside as I moved into the bus/bike lane and the three neanderthals onboard shouted abuse at me. Not very inventive language to be honest, but ending with what was either advice, "Move over next time", or a threat against my life, "I'll run you over next time". They then turned right into Borough road.

Nice people.
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