Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nick Wallis' blog

Nick Wallis' blog, Labour Councillor for Haughton West ward and Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport on Darlington Borough Council.

There are some posts on there relevant to us:
Pedestrian Heart and Binns
Real Boost for Town Centre Parking

I also discovered, via the comments, Darlington Liberal Democrat campaigner, Mike Barker, on local politics, the forthcoming local elections and the "Say NO to Tesco in Darlington!" campaign.

Welcome to the blogosphere Nick!


Mike Barker said...

As a frequent cyclist in Darlington, and a member of Sustrans, I have discovered your blog by a somewhat circuitous route and been amazed to find a reference to my blog.
Although, as a resident of Stanhope Road I can walk to work, I cycle several times a week from my house to and around North Road ward, where I shall be a Lib Dem candidate next May.
If elected I shall certainly speak up for the cyclng community in Darlington.
Now that our "Say No to Tesco" campaign has been so remarkably successful, John Willams has asked me and others who led the campaign to join members of the Town Centre Board to explore new ideas for the redevelopment of the Feethams area. Any input from the cycling community would be most welcome.
Now I've found you, I'll log on regularly!

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks too for the mention.

Tom Harris MP, Minister for Transport was in Darlington today reviewing our progress as one of England's 7 Cycling Demonstration Towns, together with Philip Darnton from Cycle England.

The visit, although whistlestop, was very constructive, and I've put a full account on my blog.

Mike said...

Would you like to join the campaign, Mike? If you'd rather, we can just add you to our mailing list as someone who would like to be kept informed, like Nick.

Nick, thanks for the heads-up on the Minister's visit, and for considering this blog to be thoughtful :)

richardgrassick said...

Thanks for these links, Mike. Nick and Mike, your blogs are duly bookmarked! And great news about the Tesco decision.

As for cyclist input into the Feethams area, I'm sure the Cycling Campaign will want to offer constructive suggestions. Now that Tesco's is out of the way, let's try to encourage more use of the markets in imaginative and environmentally-friendly ways. Darlington is a great size for cycling/walking in and out of the town centre, and the more enjoyable that experience is, the better for our citizens' health.

I do a lot of shopping on my bike, and try as much as possible to use local shops. But I'm sure there are many ways in which this could be made more appealing with a little planning re cycle parking vis a vis rows of shops and stalls.

Mike Barker said...

I would love to help your campaign: it benefits my cycling activities too. Keep me informed of any meetings and what you're up to.
Perhaps someone would like to come to a Darlington Liberal Democrats' Members' Meeting in the new year as a guest speaker.