Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dumb Car Salesmen = Dumb Darlington?

Darlington's teachers might take a moment to ponder the power of the car industry in their town - and its debilitating effects on our children's literacy.

Dominating the east side of the inner ring road right now is this sales promotion at the Evans Halshaw Ford salerooms.

It seems that bad English doesn't enter into it when you have all that money to spend on selling tin cans. With Evans Halshaw boldly going where Station Taxi's went before, we are rapidly becoming a town oversaturated with surplus apostrophes.

But then again, why complain. Thi's i's freedom in practice. Wouldn't the cycle round the inner road be boring if it was devoid of adverti'sing, communi'st style? And anyway, the car indus'try really want's to encourage more cycling in Darlington. Hone'st. They are even spon'soring the local authority's new cycle network with a set of spanking new sign's.

So, happy New year to you all. And I look forward to seeing you driving your kid's to s'chool in your new Mondeo's, Vectra's and Scenic's in 2007.


Mike said...

It looks like Darlingtons grocer's have been on retraining scheme's to become signwriter's


Mike said...

Apparently, there's a permanent punctuation mistake somewhere in the Pedestrian Heart. Pop over to Nick Wallis' blog if you know what/where it is and you could win some mince pies!

I guessed at an apostrophe mistake, because of this post, and that's apparently close, but not specific enough.

Mike Barker said...

Mike McTimony can collect a pack of Darlington's finest mince pies if he calls in to The Health Warehouse on Post House Wynd on Saturday 23rd (or between Christmas and New Year 'til we run out of mincemeat!).

The names of some of the Yards are embedded into the stonework on High Row. Buckton's Yard is correctly spelt. Clark's Yard mysteriously has no identifying name. Mechanics' Yard, which presumably was named after a plurality of mechanics who worked there, should have an apostrophe after the 's' but actually does not have one at all. Grrr!!!