Monday, December 18, 2006

Free folding bikes for all of Ikea's staff

It's a Håppî Christmüs from Sweden as Ikea UK gives all 9000 'co-workers' folding bikes as this year's corporate gift.

The largesse is even more impressive when put into market context: Brompton, for instance, sells c. 12,000 folding bikes a year so this move from Ikea is a big boost to the folding bike sector (and, from later tonight, there's likely to be a fair few blue folding bikes on eBay... )

Each 'co-worker' will also be eligible for 15 per cent subsidised travel tickets to encourage more to use public transport to travel to and from work.

The eco-friendly gift choices are part of IKEA’s "commitment to improve all environmental aspects" of its business.

- Singletrack: Ikea Gifts Folding Bikes to 9000 Staff


Mark Burton said...

Yes but what have they done with them? :)

Mike said...

Looks like there are some bargain folding bikes to be had :)