Thursday, December 14, 2006

Miliband plans carbon trading 'credit cards' for everyone

Every citizen would be issued with a carbon "credit card" - to be swiped every time they bought petrol, paid an energy utility bill or booked an airline ticket - under a nationwide carbon rationing scheme that could come into operation within five years, according to a feasibility study commissioned by the environment secretary, David Miliband, and published today.

In an interview with the Guardian Mr Miliband said the idea of individual carbon allowances had "a simplicity and beauty that would reward carbon thrift".

- Miliband plans carbon trading 'credit cards' for everyone

This idea appeal to me, as I think we have to do something to force people to change their lifestyles and habits, but it's Big Brother-like tracking capability scares me a little, and the government's not great at getting large IT projects to work properly anyway.

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