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Nick Wallis goes for a bike ride

The cycle paths were in great nick and well-signposted. I'm particularly pleased with the new route along the old Barnard Castle line, which is wide and well-lit. The only tricky elements for relatively inexperienced cyclists (like me) are the places where the route crosses North Road near Zetland Street and then Whessoe Road at Elmtree Street. At both locations we should have purpose-built cyclist and pedestrian light-controlled crossings in the next 9 months. [...]The latest from the Transport team is that both crossings should be in place by the end of April 2007.

- Nick Wallis goes for a bike ride and great news about the crossing, it's not just relatively inexperienced cyclists that struggle to cross there. That crossing's one of the reasons I don't use the bike paths to get to and from work.
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