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World Class Cycle Stands in Darlington?

With Darlington both a Sustainable Transport Town and Cycling Demonstration Town, the time could not be better for us to introduce some of the best examples of cycle-friendly initiatives from around the world to our little northern haven.

So with the power of the internet at our collective community fingertips, lets invite fellow cyclists from blogs all over the earth to show us their favourite cycle stands, so that the wise powers that be here are not restricted to a little anti-cycling island when they offer up so-called "best practice". Mike, I'm sure you have the technical know-how to forward this blog to cyclists from Aarhus, Denmark to Zuck, Ohio!

Here's a start - your average cycle stand in Bremen. Germany. Nothing special, but two-level cross bars for different sized bikes, and crucially, enough space between each stand for parking and getting in and out. Would be nice if more of them were under cover, though.
A novel example of a bike rack can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jess_anderson/224165168/


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