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Another generation lost to car culture

A conversation my wife had with a mother at a child group:

Other mother: The traffic's terrible when I drive [child] to [Nursery X, 4 miles across town from home], so we've moved him to [Nursery Y, 2 miles from home (in a village outside town)]
Wife: Why not move [child] to [nursery Z, 0.7 miles from home]? We did that, so we could walk.
Other mother: Walk? I can't walk! I have things to do after dropping [child] off.

I'm afraid that this is what we (and the Local Motion campaign) are up against when trying to get people to consider alternatives to cars. The round trip walking to the closer nursery would take about 30 minutes, which wouldn't be too different to driving to the other nursery and back, but it just wasn't considered as an alternative. Another generation lost to car culture.

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