Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Check out these numbers

At the start of 2006, Scott of Large Fella On A Bike weighted 501 pounds. He currently weighs 338 pounds, which means he's lost 161.6 pounds in the last year! In English, that's 39 stone (250kg, or 0.25 tonnes!) to 24 stone (153kg), a loss of 11.5 stone (73kg). To put that into perspective, he's lost my total body weight in 12 months!

How? By riding a bike and eating less.

Impressive and inspirational stuff. Scott's site is also a realy good read (his newest post especially so); I've been reading it on and of for a while, but usually just when someone else linked to it, so I hadn't realised until today just how large the large fella was!.

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Me said...

Thanks for the kind words... I appreciate it.

Keep pushing...