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Can I ride my bike in the Pedestrian Heart? - Part 2

With all the confusion surrounding where and how we can ride though the town centre, yesterday and today I took a slightly different route to work. I wanted to see whether it was possible to go through the town, as I think it's a nicer, safer route for me to take to work.

I think I go through the centre without passing any 'No Entry' signs, by detouring down Crown Street, but I'm not 100% certain of the right turn I took at the top of Priestgate (map). I'm certain we could turn right there before the works, and there's no sign currently. However, riding up Priestgate while signalling right is an odd experience when you can hear a number 20 bus approaching behind you.

I think this uncertainty I have as to whether I have ridden where I should underlines the confusion cyclists have at the moment and the lack of signposting there is for bikes during the works.

(Update: I think I've figured out a route for getting home that avoids riding on the St Augustine's Way section of the ring road and doesn't pass any 'No Entry' signs! (map))


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