Friday, January 12, 2007

Cycling Campaign Should Champion Non-Cyclists

I was at an arts event today and, as you do, got chatting about cycling during the lunch break. The reason being that (car) parking around Darlington Arts Centre is totally inadequate at the moment. I of course suggested they use a bike instead.

What surprised me were the number (all women) who said they would like to cycle more but wouldn't dare because it's just too unsafe. When I told them about the cycling campaign, they suggested we should be representing the non-cyclists who would like to cycle but dare not.

We may see one or two turn up to our next meeting.


miketually said...

I saw a survey, which I'm sure was conducted in Darlington, where a huge percentage of people were reported to consider cycling dangerous. I don't remember the exact fugures, but it was around 90%.

What shocked me was the something like 70% considered walking to be dangerous!

Can we start a campaign to stop people parking on pavements? A BMW was parked right across the pavement on Stockton Road on Saturday, forcing my wife and I to manoeuvre our 3-year-old on her bike and our 1-year-old in her pushchair over the grass verge and around the back of the car. There are no parking restrictions on the side of Stockton road at that point, so the car could have been parked on the road.

Beatrix said...

Yes, these drivers are either irresponsible or simply daft or/and unaware of any traffic member but a car.

I would suggest to write down the number plates of these unsocially behaving drivers and publish them here.

Have fun!