Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beauty and The Bike

'Beauty and the Bike' sessions will offer participants free health and beauty advice and practical solutions related to looking and feeling good when arriving by bike. In addition, they will incorporate messages on the health and fitness benefits of cycling. The project will also provide facilities and equipment to create dedicated changing and storage areas for use by girls that cycle to school.

- 'Beauty and the Bike' Wins Shimano Cycling Concept Award 2007

Brilliant idea.

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One project that I'd like to do this summer is a series of fine quality photographic portraits of the cyclists of Bremen. I'd like to set up a portrait studio on a busy corner, where cyclists can just pedal in on their bike, pose for a portrait in front of a studio screen and with studio lighting, leave their contact details and move on.

You see so many well dressed, and often beautiful (especially in summer) cyclists there, I think to bring such an exhibition to Darlington would shock the majority of our citizens - that kind of sense of identity as a cyclist is very rare here.