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Calls for traffic calming

There are two pieces in today's Northern Echo where residents of Darlington are calling for traffic calming and/or a reduced speed limit.

In today's Northern Echo is a letter representing the views of residents of Eastmount Road, Darlington, calling for traffic calming. (The letter is from a Hurworth resident, which is why the Echo have incorrectly added Hurworth to the letter.) Having been in contact with the letter writer, I understand that residents would be supportive of a 20mph speed limit being introduced on Eastmount Road.

OVER many months, friends living on Eastmount Road have expressed concerns over the volume and speed of traffic using this road.

They have suffered a number of incidents involving damage to property and vehicles.

The extent of the danger was tragically illustrated by a fatal accident on this road in early December.

Therefore, on their behalf, I contacted Councillor Nick Wallis, Darlington Borough Council's cabinet member for transport, to pass on their concerns in the hope that traffic-calming measures may be considered for the area.

This road is potentially a key link for cyclists as it connects both Haughton Road and North Road to Valley Street from which the town centre will soon be accessible without needing to ride on the ring road. It may also link with the Riverside Path, if this is extended past Magnet.

In view of the fatalities and damage to property on a residential street, its proximity to a play area, and its importance to the town's cycle network, it seems clear to me that Eastmount Road/John Street is a prime candidate for traffic calming and a reduced speed limit.

Update: ianh has posted Nick Wallis' response on the Town Liar forum

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