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Cyclist injured on inner ring road

On the Northern Echo forum, news of a cyclist injured on the inner ring road.

I am one of the many commuting cyclists who now uses the Inner Ring Road on a daily basis to get to and from work. I didn't think it was too bad at first but I have had 2 very near misses this week. One of my work colleagues wasn't so lucky tonight. Broken collarbone, cuts and bruises. And he isn't a lycra hooligan or a young BMXer tearing up and down the pavements shouting abuse at everyone. He is the sort of person that doesn't deserve to get knocked off. He rides in a sensible fashion, lights on his bike and a big day-glo safety jacket that you can see half a mile away.

We hope the rider makes a quick recovery, and gets back on his bike.

This incident illustrates again, why cyclists should be allowed in the Pedestrian Heart. The following post on the forum, is a rant about pavement cyclists in which the author says they could make a fortune if they set up an injury claim business based on cyclists hitting and seriously injuring pedestrians. However, the statistics point to the fact this business would fail, as it would have had only one client in Darlington in the last thirteen years. A business getting compensation for cyclists, unfortunately, would do very well...

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