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Samuri tries to collect wasps with spoon

Your average anti-cyclist car driver (which in my experience, is pretty much all of them [there you go, I stereotype drivers, I’m as bad as them]), have a severe problem with cyclists using *their* roads, seeing them as unsuccesful, dangerous, aggressive law-breakers who just slow everyone down. Cyclists should pay road tax (whatever the f*** that is), insurance, pass a test, stop jumping red lights and get off the f***ing pavement. I’m not sure which bothers me most to be honest, the quite sad fact that we’re surrounded by so many idiots who rant away without ever bothering to think about what they’re saying, or the fact that cyclists are all grouped together, one cyclists rides like a c**k, ergo they all must be c**ks.

I’m going to try to address each point in succession. This argument is clearly as pointless as trying to collect wasps with spoon but it’ll make me feel a bit better.

Samuri has a potty mouth, so don't read his rant, Breaking Point, if you're easily offended. Lots of useful, if scary, facts and figures.


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