Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vital Cycle Path Completed

Just as we finalise our points for Saturday's Symposium, the nice chaps at the council have spent a chunk of the "Cycling Demo Town" money on re-surfacing the 5 metres of footpath at Leadyard Bridge,with lovely segregationist designs, and a slab of expensive paving at the bridge end (suggesting this is as far as it goes). Ah, the old paradigm kicks in again. Note the citizens of Darlington observing the segregation of the path. I counted about 12 people when I shot the picture, and it was exactly 50/50 which side they took.

Thanks lads, an excellent illustration of where this very silly logic takes us. Hopefully on Saturday we can nail which national best practice reccommends 5 metre long cycle paths. Maybe soon we can think about how people really use urban space before building such works of art.

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Steve said...

Oddly, the cyclepath marking used to extend across the bridge before the bridge was rebuilt.