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Skaters banned from Pedestrian Heart

SKATEBOARDERS could be fined up to £500 each for skating in Darlington's new-look town centre.

Darlington Borough Council has proposed the ban after receiving complaints from the public.

Shoppers have complained that the skaters could injure shoppers and damage the surface of the newly-laid Pedestrian Heart.

Northern Echo: Skaters warned: Stay out of centre or face £500 fine

The story seems to suggest that the main reason for the ban is because of safety concerns, and this seems to be how the disability group see it: "Skaters can really cause damage. They really put off partially-sighted people, and people in wheelchairs from coming to the town centre. There are places for skateboarders to go and that's where they should be. I would really like the same rule to be introduced for cyclists. They are just as big a problem."

However, sources at the council have confirmed to Darlington Cycling Campaign that the only reason for the ban is the fear of damage being caused to steps and stonework which, obviously, responsible cycling would not cause. Also, as cycling is a form of transportation whilst skateboarding is purely recreational, there is a significant difference between the two.


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