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Council update

Nick Wallis reports that he is to remain as cabinet member in charge of transport, and also hints that things may be moving on two important links for people travelling into the town centre from the east end of town:

A cycle/pedestrian bridge will be built across the East Coast Main Line on Haughton Road, and I hope there will be substantial progress on the cycle path along the Skerne towards the town centre.

The bridge on Haughton Road should make a huge difference. This will make the new route from Albert Road to the town centre viable (past Banatynes and down Borough Road to get over the ring road and into the Pedestrian Heart by going past TK Maxx). Getting to Albert Road is still a bit hairy for Haughton, Whinfield and Springfield residents though as there is no alternative but to ride on the road or pavement from the Seat garage onwards.

The Riverside Path development mentioned sounds like there may be progress on extending the route past Magnet, which will link it up to Valley Street and then onto the Russell Street crossing of the ring road. This would mean an almost traffic-free route to the town centre for a large portion of the town. The secluded nature of the route does make it unattractive as a route to work for a large part of the year, however, so work to make Haughton Road and North Road safer for cyclists still needs to continue (or start, in the case of North Road).

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