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Pedestrian Heart update

Most of the shuttering has now gone from High Row, meaning cyclists can now safely use this route through the Pedestrian Heart, making it much easier for me to call at a cash machine on my way to and from work, but also allowing travel from Conniscliffe Road, down Blackwellgate and into the town centre.

Some yellow chalk markings have appeared on Northgate in front of Boots. The work 'BIKE' is used, so the contraflow bike lane would seem to be getting nearer completion.

There is also some marking on the traffic island at the end of Commercial Street, where it joins the Northgate roundabout, which could possibly be for a bike lane. If this is what it is, it looks like bikes will have to give way to cross entrances/exits of the roundabout, so I will be avoiding it. Of course, it could also be nothing to do with bikes and could be to do with the new shopping centre.

The little 'twiddly bits' which will allow bikes to bypass the No Entry signs on Northgate and Bondgate look to be almost completed.


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