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Be careful out there...

A cautionary tale from Nigel on the Hamsterley Trailblazers forum:

Went out on the road bike today for a training session. Just leaving Darlington via Branksome area of town, when a group of what can only be called morons (the local chavs) decided to jump out in front of me and block the road with themsevles and their bikes, this left me with no time to stop or find a way around them. Needless to say I ended up on the floor, and needing hospital treatment for concussion, a head injury and a small amount of skin removed from my right leg. Luckly they were not after my bike. However be warned this is happening more and more, I'm also in the Darlo Harriers, and we are getting bricks and bottles thrown at us when out training, this does not just happen in the rougher areas, but increasingly throughout the town.
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