Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Site Updates

I'm going to be making some small changes to the website soon. I've just made a start at reducing the number of labels we use to tag posts. There were starting to be a lot of labels with only one post, so I've deleted most of these (I left ETC, as the Eastern Transport Corridor is likely to become a bigger issue once it's completed).

Ironically, in the process of deleting labels, I've created a new one. Post which are considered noteworthy will be labelled as such, to enable them to be found more easily later. I did this after discovering a rant I wrote abut what needs to be done in Darlington, and realising that I'd forgotten all about it: The City That Never Walks.

If anyone has a favourite post, let me know and I'll label it as noteworthy: email me, comment here, or comment on the post itself.

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