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Hell O' The North 2007

This year's Hell O' The North ride takes place on Sunday. Registration is from 08:30 - 09:30 at the Dolphin Centre. You can enter on the day for a fee of £6 (which inludes a T shirt) or £2.50 (without a T shirt).

The route is 100 miles. Assuming the route stays the same, there's a map linked to from my blog post about the Hell O' The North 2006.

I did it last year on my mountain bike. I think I was the last to finish. The weather was terrible last year, in particular the headwind for the first 60 miles. It took me ten hours and it hurt. A lot. I'm doing it again this year - I'll be on my blue Solitude drop-bar singlespeed big-wheeled MTB.

Update: Had a great ride yeaterday, despite the weather. My right knee no longer functions as it should.

A big thanks to the Council for organising such a good event.


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