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Bikes fastest for commute in Edinburgh

TWO wheels beat four during the latest "commuter challenge" to find the quickest way to travel into Edinburgh city centre.

The annual time trial to see which is the fastest way to get to work saw bicycles and motorbikes take the honours in four races from the edge of town to Frederick Street.

Motorbikes came out on top in the journeys from Ocean Terminal and the Ingliston Park and Ride. But the cyclists, who were described by event organisers as typical commuters rather than competitive racers, were fastest on the trips from Newcraighall Station and Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

The slowest journey was in a car from Newcraighall Station, taking 43 minutes to travel the 5.3 miles.

- Bikes roll ahead in commuter challenge

I can ride home from work (west end to Haughton, about 2.5 miles) 8 minutes faster on my bike than it can be driven during rush hour.

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