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Cyclists are better shoppers than motorists


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Cycleliciousness has another great post on why cyclists are better shoppers than motorists

Some stats from the post:

* Cyclists purchase smaller quantities each time they go, but they visit the shops more often

* Motorists are in the minority in shops in urban areas - between 25 to 40 % of customers, depending on the day of the week

* Barely 25 % of motorists leave a shop with two or more bags of goods (as opposed to 17 % of cyclists). Therefore, 75% of motorists have nothing to prevent them from using other transport forms

* Another study, this time in Berlin, showed a massive increase in cross-neighbourhood movement when they introduced a 30 km/h (18.6mph) speed limit for cars, except on major routes. People were simply using their bikes and the public transport to get around and they found themselves more mobile as a result. Up to 40% in some cases, for trips between home and the shops

* Similarly, a survey carried out in Strasbourg indicated more than 30% increase of visits to the shopping area of the city after pedestrianisation and closureto through traffic in the town centre

* A survey carried out among consumers in Bern, Switzerland, established the ratio between the value of purchases made and the parking area used by each customer over a year. The profitability was highest in the case of the cyclists - €7500 per square metre for cyclists, €6625 for motorists

Go and read the original post, cyclists are better shoppers than motorists, for more details.

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