Thursday, November 08, 2007

How much do you ride?

Via Cycleliciousness, who we seem to be linking to a lot recently, come the following statistics:

The Netherlands - 1019 km
Denmark - 958 km
Belgium - 327 km
Germany - 300 km
Sweden - 300 km
Finland - 282 km
Ireland - 228 km
Italy - 168 km
Austria - 154 km
Greece - 91 km
France - 87 km
UK - 81 km
Luxembourg - 48 km
Portugal - 35 km
Spain - 24 km

Those are the average distances cycled by a person in the country, in a year.

To put the figures into perspective, I cycle from Springfield to just west of the town centre, and back, five days a week during term-time, with one extra trip a week to Hurworth on most of those weeks. A usual day is about five miles in total (8km), which takes me about 15 minutes each way.

In a year, this, plus some other short local trips, gets me about 1000 miles (1600km), about 60% more than the average Netherlander. In two weeks of commuting, I match the UK average. I did double the UK average in one day this year!

For someone with a "proper" job, who would work five days a week for 47 weeks of the year, less than a mile and a half each way for a cycle commute would get you Holland's average.


An Inconvenient Truth said...

Interesting statistics. Now I just work part-time, and in fact work from home or the workshop, which is just 250 metres from here. On a typical working day I'll cycle back and forward about 6 times getting equipment, files, photos etc, and I'll probably cycle into town and back to do a bit of shopping - another 500 metres. Once a week I'll maybe do a freelance job or a bit of filming somewhere around the town, or cycle to the station to take a train to Newcastle for a meeting, so maybe another kilometre.

So I guess I cycle, as a part-time worker, 3 kilometres a day here in Darlington. When I'm in Germany I'm in a bigger city, and tend to cycle longer distances (eg it's 2 kms each way to city centre), so I probably do 6 kilometres a day.

That averages out at maybe 20 to 25 kms a week, or pretty well the Dutch average. No wonder I felt so at home over there in the summer.

An Inconvenient Truth said...

I think this also explains what Dutch (and Danish) cycling is really about - not total dedication, but just a normal, everyday, no-big-deal activity that everyone does a bit of sometimes.

Dutch motorways are still utterly congested, despite the amount of cycling!