Thursday, December 13, 2007

Staindrop Road to Egglestone View cycle path approved

A NEW cycle path will be built in a riverside parkland as part of a wider environmental scheme.

Darlington Borough Councils planning committee gave permission for the path along the Cocker Beck near Cockerton.

It will run from Staindrop Road to Egglestone View and give students from Branksome School a new access to school.

It will also include three timber bridges.

- The Northern Echo: School cyclists on track

Bike congestion in Copenhagen

Wouldn't this be a nice problem to have in Darlington? This bike lane has 25,000 bikes a day using it!

[Found, as ever, via Cycleliciousness]

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Routes scheme tops lottery vote

A scheme to build a national network of cycle and walking routes has won a £50m lottery grant by topping a public vote.
The Sustrans: Connect2 project, which will improve travel in 79 communities, beat three other environmental groups with 42% of all ballots cast.

The People's £50 Million Lottery is the largest ever publicly-decided award.

Sustrans CEO and founder John Grimshaw said: "The hard work starts now to build those bridges, tunnels, crossings and networks of paths."

- Routes scheme tops lottery vote

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A human/solar powered off-grid rock and roll touring apparatus

You could say that we're foregoing automobile's on this tour, but the truth is that we're embracing bicycles.

A human/solar powered off-grid rock and roll touring apparatus.

The Ginger Ninjas are on a 5000 mile tour from Northern California to Southern Mexico, carrying all equipment on their bikes, including this 1000 watt human-powered sound system.

The human powered PA makes extremely low-impact music touring possible, sans automobile and sans electric outlet; it also makes it possible to play music in any location.

A comparison is made between the energy consumed by different touring bands.

See for touring dates and technical details of the system.

What's within your two miles

Cliff Bar created their 2 mile challenge, based on the fact that 40% of US urban transport journies were of two mile or less. The average journey within Darlington is a similar distance. As part of the challenge, they allow users to enter their address into a map which will show the 2 mile radius around their house. The map is searchabe, so shops, pubs, parks and banks within easy cycling distance can easily be found.

My map shows pretty clearly just how bikeable Darlington is. Personally, I'd say everywhere within town is easily cycleable - my workplace is only just within the circle, but is easily reached in 15 minutes.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Sustrans Connect2 - Vote now!

There's £50 million worth of funding up for grabs from the Lottery. One of the four projects is Sustrans Connect2, a UK-wide project that aims to improve local travel in 79 communities by creating new walking and cycling routes for those everyday journeys.

Who gets the cash is decided by a public vote. Lines have opened and voting takes place until Monday lunchtime.

Get voting!

(Only one vote per phone number counts, so don't phone from work if anyone else there might be voting...)

Feeling Loved in the Pedestrian Heart

There I was cycling nonchalantly through the Pedestrian Heart, careful as always in case a pedestrian suddenly remembered that Big Mac and changed course two feet from my handlebars. When suddenly from behind me, I heard a loud whistling and shouting.

My natural reactions kicked in - am I doing something wrong here? Has the trial period ended prematurely, and the council employed Climate Change Police (encouraging it, that is)to make sure we are all off our bikes and back in our cars?

Stuff that, I thought, they'll not get me, and on I went, still nonchalant of course (don't want to look riled, do we). The shouting and whistling continued for a good 20 seconds, but I felt well out of their reach by the time I came to a halt to find somewhere to park. Anyway, maybe they weren't shouting after me?

I turned round to double check this was true. SHOCK! My rucksack had vanished from my rear basket. Suddenly the penny dropped. All this shouting and whistling was indeed directed at myself, but for positive reasons. People actually wanted to help me in my hour of loss. And then I remembered where I was - Bremen, Germany. All this fear and guilt had followed me 1,000 miles from the "debate" back in Darlo about cycling in the Pedestrian Heart. But here, it's an utterly inappropriate response. Of course cyclists use this pedestrian heart - look at the width of the street compared to the number of pedestrians.

I got may rucksack back within 20 seconds, with 6 or 7 people directing me to the police hut where it had just been handed in. Bikes are part of everyday city centre life here, and the people are proud that they are encouraging healthier, sustainable lifestyles.

Hope is certainly a much more attractive feeling than fear. Merry Xmas all.

Bremen Pedestrian Heart

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Council Cycle Forum dates, 2008

Next years Council cycle forum dates are:

* Tuesday 4th March
* Tuesday 3rd June
* Tuesday 2nd September
* Tuesday 2nd December

All of the meetings will take place in Committee Room 2 at the Town Hall and will begin at 6:15pm.

Members of the Campaign exec attend these as named members of the forum, but other members of the Campaign can attend as well.