Monday, March 10, 2008

Some links

I've been meaning to blog these for a while, but haven't found the time. So here they are as quick links:

Some thoughts on what gets people into cycling by Dave Moulton and a report showing that, in Canada at least, cyclists subsidise car drivers.

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An Inconvenient Truth said...

Interesting links. I think the key issue in the Canadian blog is the road cost per mile for car driving v cycling:

Roadway costs -
cars = 5.6¢/ml
bicycles = 0.2¢/ml

I assume this refers to the amount of road space required, and the impact a car/bicycle has on the need for maintenance/repair/renewal.

I reckon these costs are similar in the UK, given similar road building technology, in which case we can safely say that a car imposes 28 times the costs on our road network compared to a bicycle per mile of road used.

Factor in the difference in mileage covered (in this case over 3 times more miles by car than by bicycle) and the difference becomes more like 90 times more costs.

Would be interesting to do a Darlington/UK calculation of how much tax we each actually pay towards roads via general taxation, council tax and road tax - and how much we cost. Hopefully we can finally silence the motorists who claim "they're our roads 'cos we pay road tax".