Monday, April 28, 2008

Bike Safety

A couple of nice little links I found today:

Dave Moulton, former frame builder, takes a look at some of the statistics on bike safety and why Cyclists Live Longer.

Meanwhile, Kent Peterson talks about why he wears a bike helmet, but is against laws to make it compulsory.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sustrans: Free Your Bike

Sustrans is offering you a free information pack to help you get out and about by bike. We are the charity behind many practical and groundbreaking projects including the National Cycle Network, over 12,000 miles of traffic-free, quiet lanes and on-road walking and cycling routes around the UK. 75% of you live within two miles of the Network so why not use it to get to work or school, the shops or just for exercise and fun?

To claim your free information pack about cycling in your region simply complete the online form.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Man arrested after cyclist hospitalised

Sad news on the Northern Echo website:

Man arrested after cyclist hospitalised

A DRIVER has been arrested following an incident which left a cyclist hospitalised.

A 29-year-old local man was arrested on suspicion of committing motoring offences following the collision on Brinkburn Road at about 8.20am yesterday morning.

The cyclist was taken to Darlington Memorial Hospital but his injuries are not thought to be serious.

Witness Brenda Locker, owner of Good News newsagents on Brinkburn Road, said: "I saw the bike go flying up in the air.

"The driver looked really worried.

"The cyclist was laid down so I went to get him a pillow because he didn't look very comfortable - his head was flopping about all over the place.

"I've still got his bike in my back yard - it's a right mess."

Hopefuly the cyclist is ok.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Tolerant Shared Space=Imagination

With all the hoo-ha in the local press recently from (certain) pensioners wanting cyclists banned from the town centre, what a breath of fresh air to see the tolerant sharing of what is in this case - compared to the broad boulevards of Darlington - very limited space.

And an imaginative way to push your baby along as well.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New signing on West Park Cycle Route

I spotted some new signposts riding home from work yesterday. They are 'finger' type signs with timings rather than distances. They are being put in on the town centre to West Park route, which seems to now be called "West Park Cycle Route" ( the name is on a green background). There's one on the railings at the Greenbank/Bondgate junction (18 mins to West Park), one at the turning into Craig Street (13 mins to West Park (I'm not sure who timed these, but it takes me far less than five minutes to cycle along Greenbank Road)) and one at the Craig St/Hollyhurst Rd junction (12 mins to West Park, and also 1 min to the hospital). At each junction, there is a corresponding arrow pointing toward the town centre.

(Personally, I go down Reid Street as the junctions are much nicer at both ends...)

New signs are badly needed on the various routes around the town as existing signs are either missing or turned around to point the wrong way. These new signs look much sturdier than the old design, and the posts are square so they can't be turned around.

I believe that each of the radial routes will have a different colour (West Park being green). I like the idea of being able to tell someone to get to my house by following the green route until they reach North Park and then follow the orange (?) route.

Signposting the West Park route from town could also help ease any "antisocial" cycling in the Pedestrian Heart, as Police and Wardens will be able to tell kids playing on their bikes on the steps that they can follow the arrows to get to the 4X track.

I'd like to see the signposting extending to include points of interest, like supermarkets and local shopping centres.

Has anyone else seen any other new signposts?