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Councillors' charity ride to Mulheim

On 3rd June a group of cyclists which includes Councillors Barker, Nutt and Long, cycling group members and residents will be setting off on a bike ride from Darlington to Mulheim in Germany, one of Darlington's twin towns. On arrival participants will help Mulheim residents celebrate the 200th anniversary of their town charter.

The ride is trying to raise sponsorship which will assist with funding town twinning projects aimed at helping young people in priority areas of Darlington who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity of travelling abroad. In recent months a number of young people have struggled to travel with their football teams and schools and the town twinning fund aims to make it easier for young people to take part in such events.

If you would like to sponsor Councillor Barker, Councillor Nutt and Councillor Long please contact the Darlington Partnership on (01325) 346773.

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